Great Dane - Male

Type: Great Dane

Age: 3 yrs

Sex: Male

Size: Giant

Color: Tan

House Trained: Yes

Health: Vaccinated

We would like to welcome Archer into rescue. He is approximately 3 years old, 108#, neutered, male Great Dane. As with most young males, Archer has a moderate energy level and would be happiest with a playmate of similar size, age and energy level, but would do fine as only dog. Archer is somewhat mouthy, it is his way of getting attention and he will need someone that is willing to spend time with him in training and confidence building. Given the time he needs to decompress, build his confidence and trust his new person we believe Archer will be a wonderful companion for his lucky owner. It is recommended that his new owner attend an obedience class with him to cement the bond and establish the leadership role.

Coming Soon!

Hi Future Parent!

Looking forward to being part of your family :) 


Love, Archer
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