Aspen - Great Pyrenees - adoption pending
Great Pyrenees - Female
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Type: Great Pyrenees

Age: 9 weeks

Sex: Female

Size: Giant

Color: White

House Trained: No

Health: Vaccinated

Aspen is the all white girl and Nova is the white and gray. They are 9 week old female Great Pyrenees puppies. They have not been vetted and will begin the process shortly. They will be bathed and cared for as they came in very itchy. They have been placed with two very experienced fosters. We are accepting application for the girls, but please do your research. Great Pyrenees are a flock guarding breed, meaning they can be aloof and like being outside when it's cool. They need to be socialized as soon as possible by taking them and letting them experience all the world has to offer as pups and training is essential. They will be extremely loyal as adults so the socialization and training need to take place now, in order to have a well balanced adult. In order to be a flock guardian, the pups need a mentor dog, usually the parents, to teach them not to kill or chase the animals they are supposed to be guarding. These pups did not have that advantage. In the summer in Florida, they will probably lay under the AC vent and sleep most of the day to avoid the heat. They are double coated dogs and like to be in the coolest place possible. I have one and he sleeps in the house all day and then goes outside in the evening and will not come in the house again until morning. He perches on the deck where he has a raised bed with cushions and guards the property, there is shelter for him to be in should it rain - that is their nature.

These two girls were the last of a litter from a hobby breeder. They were going to end up in a shelter had no one stepped up to take them. We brought them into rescue with the help of one of our wonderful volunteers that drove the 3+ hours each way to pick them up.

Hi Future Parent!

Wowsa! Da worl sure movz fas when you dis wittle. Sister and me was in da place we born and da nex sing we knows we bene taked to a new place. It niz here dough, we got bafs to take da itczzys away. Den we got sticked wif somefing dey says is good for us, it hurted for a short, but all better now. I no see sister any more, she gone somewhere else and Iz wif a nice lady wif anover dog. Don't you wan puppy bref and kisses? Come sees me soon, OK..... 


Love, Aspen - Great Pyrenees - adoption pending
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