Mastiff - Female


Type: Mastiff

Age: 4 months old

Sex: Female

Size: Giant

Color: Black

House Trained: No

Health: Vaccinated

Everyone meet Ava, she is approximately 4 month old Neapolitan Mastiff believed to be dumped by a backyard breeder in a shelter because of her condition. She appears to have an unnatural curvature of the spine, weakness and coordination issues in the hind quarters and partial incontinence. She is very sweet, spunky and determined. Typical puppy in many ways, gives puppy kisses, likes to chew on things and annoy the big dogs. She runs and plays as best she can and doesn't know that she isn't normal. She is being fostered with me so that she can have all the care necessary around the clock. She will go to the office with me and sleep in my room so that her diapers can be changed when necessary and she will be exercised regularly so that she continues to strengthen her muscles. She is starting to be aware of her need to potty and will let me know when she feels it. Check her out on our Facebook page for updates and videos!

Coming Soon!

Hi Future Parent!

Looking forward to being part of your family :) 


Love, Ava
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