Calliope - Neapolitan Mastiff
Neapolitan Mastiff - Female
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Type: Neapolitan Mastiff

Age: 3 years

Sex: Female

Size: Giant

Color: Blue

House Trained: Yes

Health: Vaccinated

Miss Calliope was pulled from a local animal control this morning, so we are still learning about her, but we know the basics. She was found as a stray and although chipped, no one came looking. According to her chip information she is three years old and a Neapolitan Mastiff. Her coloring is considered a blue brindle. She has been vaccinated, wormed, spayed and is heartworm negative. She likes the car and jumps right in. She seems to adore people, she met everyone at the office with a wagging tail and lots of exuberance. She is extremely food motivated. She did fine with Buster at my office, she will meet the rest of the pack in the days that follow. She has lots of energy and likes to run and play. She showed no interest in the office cat, even though the cat hissed at her. It appears that she has had little of no training, although I did get her to sit for a treat. We will work on leash training while she is in rescue. She will need obedience training and an owner that can enforce rules and boundaries. She is a typical Neo in that she is stubborn and determined. She will do as she's asked if she understands that there is no other choice or if you have a treat. She is hand shy, but doesn't show any other signs of abuse or neglect. Her coat is a little rough, but with proper nutrition that should take care of itself.

She was found as a stray at an apartment complex, picked up by animal control. She is chipped but no one came looking for her. Since she is a stray little is know about her life prior to being brought into rescue, other than someone did a wonderful job of socializing her with humans, cats and other dogs.

Hi Future Parent!

Henlo Hoomans! I iz Calliope and want to say Henlo to everyone! Iz so happy that this nice hooman lady came and taked me out of da noisy place wif all da ofver dogs. Tem was boofing all da time to try to get a hooman to see them an taked them home wif tem. Da hoomans there telled me dat I iz a lucky girl dat a hooman came to taked me away. Now dey tells me dat I will find a furever home and be loved and taked care of. Iz so excited, it was hard to gets food when I was alone and skared. Please telled des hoomans you want to adopts me, I be waiting! Smooches.... 


Love, Calliope - Neapolitan Mastiff
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