Corey - adopted
Other - Male

Type: Other

Age: 7-8 years

Sex: Male

Size: Large

Color: Fawn

House Trained: Yes

Health: Vaccinated

Corey is doing beautifully now that he is free from the overcrowded run and rescue environment he came from. He has warmed up to both the dogs in foster and every human he has met. He is learning how to get in and out of a vehicle and to navigate steps. Corey is a sweet and loving dog that only wants to be with his human. He was part of a private #rescue where the owner suddenly passed away and there were many, many dogs and several rescues joined together to save as many of the dogs as possible. He is believed to be 7-8 years old. He was born in rescue and just never left. He lived in a large run with a couple of other dogs, but never left the property. His lack of socialization has left him timid of the world, but willing to experience it if he's with a human he trusts. He gets nervous around large groups of dogs he doesn't know. He does much better around one or two other dogs with long slow introductions. He warms up to both humans and other dogs once he knows he is safe. He has never been around children and because of that we suggest a home without small children. He is neutered, fully vetted, house broken and ready to go to his forever home. His ideal home will be willing to work on putting him on a diet and a slowly building exercise routine. Corey is currently 118 pounds and should be around 80 at the most. As with humans, the extra weight is very unhealthy for him and puts undue stress on his body. We are looking for a soft landing for Corey, he would make the perfect companion for someone looking for a low energy, sweet, loving boy to spend their time with. Perfect for a retiree that wants a walking partner. He would need to build up his stamina, beginning with short walks in the beginning. We love Corey and know you will too.

Hi Future Parent!

Ummmmmmm Hi. My name is Corey and I'm a little shy at first. I used to live in a yard, the hoomans call it a run with lots of other dogs. The lady that used to care for us just stopped coming and talking to us one day, we never knew why. Other hoomans came and started taking dogs away, they said to a better place, but we all got scared. When it was my turn a lady came and was very kind and gentle with me, I guess she knew I was scared. I was put in a white box with wheels and it moved for a long time, making stops once in a while. On one of the stops two ladies opened my box and let me out into the fresh air and sunshine. One of those ladies has become my friend and I get to go to her house, go inside and sleep on lots of comfy blankeys and I'm slowly getting used to new things. I follow her close as I can so she doesn't get away from me. She takes me with her to another place where lots of people come and go and there is another old dog there, she says it's called an office. Anyway she says this is only temporary and I will get a loving home of my very own soon. I'm so excited but how long will you take to come meet me? 


Love, Corey - adopted
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