Delilah - GD - adopted
Great Dane - Female

Type: Great Dane

Age: under a year

Sex: Female

Size: Giant

Color: Black

House Trained: Yes

Health: Vaccinated

Hi hoomans!!! Dey calls me Delilah I a young Great Dane girl. (Real age unknown, under a year) I was founded in a woody area after da owner lefted me and mys frind dare. Dey leaved us sumfin to eats and waters. We waz soooo fraid to be out dare all lone. Me and frind tried so hard to finz dem. Lot of hoomans saw us, sum even tried to catch on us but we too scart. We not knows wat to do. Den one day dis lady camed to looking for us. Hers give us sum chicken and somes canned food. Me frind was too skart of hers or any hooman, hims ran. One dark time, a hooman comes to looks for us and hims fraid and runned across the busy street, I no see hims no more. I miss hims, I sad. Da lady heared dat hims no more and da next day she got and set a metal box wif a door, I was so hungry I went to get da eats and da door cwosed behind mes. Dat eats wuz good. I was so fraid, I showed her teef and hers still talk to me in a kind voice. Hers gived me some tasty eats dat I has never had before. Hers touched me wif da first soft touch I ever feels, I felt safe. Den hers got da rope ting and gets me out da box. Mes happy cuz I a big girl. I very skinny but big girl. Hers give me pets and telled me I gud girl. We goed to dis place, I got to stay safe place dat was comfy and has ofer dogs. Dems my foster brothers and sisters and I gets to pway wif 4 other dogs and love every minute of it. When da lady finded me I has NO hair, Da lady thought dat I haz hair, but dem was fweas and I has ouchies all over, even on my paws. I was in ruff shape. Mes was taked to da dogtor, him scart me but he gived me stuff dat maked me better. Dey taked my blood for some test - mez heartworm negative and T4 was good. Mes had lots of baffies, not my favowite ting, but it felt soooo good. I now get baffies once a week and I have a whole lot of hair. Soon I only nedz baffies when I get stinky wik ofer doggies. Most of me ouchies are gone and now I pway wif da foster brothers and sisters. I really play. I still shy wif new hoomans, but when day bes nice to mes I feel safe and be fine. Mes wuv being wif ofer doggies! Da lady haves cats dat hoomans no touch and some sheep and chickens. Me chase dem but only to play. Me taked walkies pwaces and showed no aggressive reactions da nice lady taked me to da Flea Market to see new things. Me needs time, love and the right twaining and I bes da bestest girl! Mes waiting to meets yous and finds da furever home!

Hi Future Parent!



Love, Delilah - GD - adopted
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