Elliott - Neo - Adopted
Neapolitan Mastiff - Male

Type: Neapolitan Mastiff

Age: possibly 2

Sex: Male

Size: Giant

Color: Brindle

House Trained: Yes

Health: Vaccinated

We have a very handsome lad to introduce to you today, his name is Elliott. He is a Neapolitan Mastiff that is believed to be young, possibly 2 years old, but there is no way of knowing when they enter the shelter as a stray. His teeth say he is a young dog, that is what the vet told us. He is very playful, loves his toys and craves human touch. He is currently being fostered with two female Mastiffs and they all get along great. He entered the shelter with a bad skin infection that caused him to lose most of his hair on his hind quarters. The infection is being treated and hair growth is evident. He has some stiffness in his hind quarters, possibly arthritis, the origin of which may be from an old injury or poor nutrition. The vet suggested Dasuquin would be helpful for this. He came into rescue very underweight weighing in at only 104 pounds he is being fed additional meals to promote reaching a healthy weight. All in all he is a wonderful dog that seems to make friends where ever he goes. He has not been tested with cats or small children. He's also not a fan of the hose. Elliott is looking for a home with a soft couch, lots of toys to play with and most of all a loving human that he can follow around and be loved by. He will return your love and compassion 10 fold, I can assure you. Mr. Elliott is waiting for you! Please email savethegiantsfl@gmail.com for additional information or an application for Mr. Elliott!!!

Hi Future Parent!

Hope your havin a pawsome day! Da hoomans has been sayin Elliott to me, sos I guess that my new name. It nice here with the lady hooman and da two pretty girlies I gets to pway wif. Da girlies liks to go into da cement pond, I not so sure about dat. Day tells me dat I not have to go back to da noisy pwace I was at before. I gets fed so good food here, has nice soft pwaces to sleeps and toys to pway wif. All dat is nice but I would weally wik a hooman of my own to wuv and pway wif. I be a goods boy, no potty in house, no tears up stuffs and wuv you to pieces when you home. Pwease tells dem you want to meets Elliott, OK? 


Love, Elliott - Neo - Adopted
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