Fritz - adopted
Other - Male

Type: Other

Age: 19 months

Sex: Male

Size: Giant

Color: Black

House Trained: Yes

Health: Vaccinated

Fritz was surrendered to a member of the rescue family who asked us to take him in and attempt to place him. (Not our standard operating procedure and discouraged, but we took the dog in). Any owner surrenders should be presented directly to the rescue by emailing, but I digress. We are currently CLOSED to intake. Fritz is a handsome - Great Dane/Bloodhound mix - yes, you heard that right. I'm told it was an intentional breeding??? Anyway, he has only been with us a short time, but in that time we have learned that he will need obedience training and to learn leash manners (we're already working on this). He is severely hand shy, does well with both male and female members of the pack and extended rescue family dogs, has a high prey drive (bloodhound) so no cats, is housebroken, crate trained and a big hunk of slobbery kisses. He is believed to be 1.5 years old and will be vetted in a few days, a consultation on his eye may also be necessary. He has not been tested with children, but is timid around new people, so no children or older children only. He also seems to love playing in the water.

Fritz was rescued from spending all his time in a crate in deplorable conditions. The first order of business was a good bath that he thoroughly seemed to enjoy. There is not much known about his history, since he wasn't surrendered directly to the rescue.

Hi Future Parent!

Hey how are you? My name is Fritz. I'm a little shy when it comes to meeting new people, although I am a big boy, I'm still not very sure about the world. I haven't seen much of it and spent most of my time in a crate as a young puppy. I would love to come live with you if you have room for me to run and play and time to play with me. I would make a great walking, jogging, hiking or trail companion, just remember I have a bloodhound nose so I probably should remain on leash most of the time so I don't take off following a scent. I'm very fast, it's unlikely you would be able to catch me. There are lots of dogs here at my foster home and I'm learning how to be a dog from them. Wow, there's just so much to learn and enjoy now! Would you like to help me become the bestest boy and your forever companion? 


Love, Fritz - adopted
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