Mastiff - Female

Type: Mastiff

Age: 8-10 months

Sex: Female

Size: Giant

Color: Various

House Trained: Yes

Health: Vaccinated

Frankly, I'm astonished that this beautiful 8 month old female Mastiff is still in rescue. Her name is Geneva and what a happy baby girl she is! Potty trained, crate trained, vetted and ready for her forever home she is full of puppy antics, wants to play with people or dogs, really doesn't matter to her! She loves her toys, kids and adults, giving kisses and generally being a puppy. You couldn't ask for a more beautiful or better temperament in a puppy. This girl will love you beyond measure and make you laugh until your side hurts. She loves to SMILE at you! She has energy to burn! She is a Mastiff, what exact breed we are not certain, the contenders are - Presa Canario, English or possibly Fila Brasilerio most likely a mix. At her last vet visit she was 72 pounds, that was well over a month ago so she is probably well over 80 by now. She is in need of continued obedience training and she has some food aggression issues with other dogs, not humans, I've taken food right out of her mouth. Given her history it is understandable. It is not a problem if dogs are fed separately, it only becomes an issue when food is left out or free fed.

Geneva and her brother (already adopted) were dumped in a remote part of Polk County. Another rescue was contacted about the dogs they could not help as they are beyond capacity, as with most shelters and rescues at the moment. The woman that took the call, could not just walk away and went out and picked up the puppies and took them to her home, an hour away. They were underweight, dirty and very much in need of care. She cared for them until they were out of the woods and then tried to place them. Her rescue contacts do not have an audience for giant breeds so she contacted us. We picked up the puppies and took them into rescue. They were fully vetted (not neutered) and the male was adopted immediately. A previous adopter had recently lost their English Mastiff and were looking for a male Mastiff puppy to join their pack. Geneva is scheduled to be spayed August 3rd.

Hi Future Parent!

Hi, I'm Geneva and I love everyone and want to experience everything! Isn't it a wonderful world! Since I've come into rescue, I've met a lot of people and dogs. The people have been very kind and most of the dogs are fun, there are a few that don't like me getting up in their face and barking and pawing at them to get them to play. These dogs are so different than when brother was with me. They are teaching me how to be a good dog with other dogs, but I just want to run and play and it's hard to contain myself. I really love the little humans, they seem to have lots of energy just like me and can play for long periods of time. I like to lounge in the pool and play ball. I'm told I'm way too curious about other animals - cats, birds, etc. so it would be better if I went to a home without them, I guess. They just look like so much fun, but don't seem to appreciate run and play. I just want to love my human and play, play, play!!!! I'm trying really hard to be a good girl and learn what my foster mom keeps repeating, there's just so much to watch and learn. I love exploring and tasting EVERYTHING plants, bugs, etc. I keep my foster mom busy - but I flash the pearly whites when ever she says "Geneva Noooooooo" it doesn't work as well as it used to. Oh well, I really want a home of my own so would you please tell them you want to adopt me? 


Love, Geneva
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