Handsome Rob - adopted
Great Dane - Male

Type: Great Dane

Age: 7

Sex: Male

Size: Giant

Color: Merle

House Trained: Yes

Health: Vaccinated

We call him Handsome Rob... He is a super sweet and calm Great Dane, looking for a family to love on him and comfortable bed/sofa/grass for a snooze. He’s a perfect gentleman in the house, can be left unsupervised for hours and doesn’t tear anything up and no garbage or counter surfing (although he’s tall enough to grab something from a counter). He will sit next to or on a sofa near you in the evening to watch TV. Loves stuffies and will gather together all his favorites in the bed. He is thin at the moment and we’re working on getting a few more pounds on him so his hip bones don’t stick out. Very good on a leash. For his age at 7 yrs old he has plenty of energy for a walk or spurt of zoomies in the yard, then a nice nap. He’s a good eater, and doesn’t beg for people food. He sleeps right through the night next to the people on the bed (very active dreamer). He’s pleasant meeting people and dogs at the dog park, and is just as happy running around his own yard. Great in the car, enjoys the breeze from open windows. We have no idea about him with cats. He is heartworm negative and was neutered in February. We have told he doesn’t like the crate? We have not tried him in a crate because it hasn't been necessary.

Hi Future Parent!

Looking forward to being part of your family :) 


Love, Handsome Rob - adopted
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