Jasper - Catahoula
Other - Male

Type: Other

Age: 2

Sex: Male

Size: Large

Color: Black

House Trained: Yes

Health: Vaccinated

This handsome gentleman is now called Jasper. They say dogs are great judges of character and good people, well we know Jasper is an excellent judge, because after being dumped in a local neighborhood, he walked right up to the home of one of our regular fosters and long time members of the rescue family. After some investigation, it was determined that Jasper was dumped as there were witnesses that saw the dog being pushed out of a pickup and then speed off. Here’s what we know, Jasper is probably about 2 years old, he is already neutered, appears to be some type of herding dog, possibly Catahoula, he gets along beautifully with the residents dogs, both male and female and LOVES to play. He has been checked for a chip - there is none. He will be thoroughly vetted 8/27/22 including microchip and be ready for his forever home!

Hi Future Parent!

I guess my family didn't want me, I don't know why, I'm a good boy - what did I do wrong? I tried to catch up with them when they put me out of the truck but they were too fast and disappeared from my sight very soon. I was very scared and just started wandering around for a friendly human that would help me so I wouldn't be so scared any more. My foster family has dogs, I could smell them and the scent brought me to their door and they didn't chase me away. They took me inside their den and gave me water, food and told me it would be alright. They have been so kind and the best part is they have other dogs that I get to play with. They make me feel safe. I going somewhere called the "vet" in a few days to make sure I'm healthy and then I get to come back here until we find my true "forever family" that won't take me out in some strange place and leave me ever again. I can't wait to meet them! 


Love, Jasper - Catahoula
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