Great Dane - Male

Type: Great Dane

Age: 3

Sex: Male

Size: Giant

Color: Black

House Trained: Yes

Health: Vaccinated

Johnny is an enthusiastic pleaser. He is very in tune with his humans emotions and makes life a joy. Johnny is a hugger and a kisser and loves to snuggle and receive attention. He's truly the life of the party. Johnny will do best in a home with other giant dogs, he plays a little rough for small dogs or small children. Older, dog savvy children would delight in his demeanor. He couldn't care less about the cat and just ignores it. Johnny does well on leash, but due to his size and curiosity for other dogs he will need a strong (mentally) handler that will stay ahead of the curve. He would like to meet every dog while he's on leash but he takes instruction well and minds his manners on command. He's living with a pack now and knows his role.

Hi Future Parent!

I love my new Family! 


Love, Johnny
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