Juliet - adopted
Great Dane - Female

Type: Great Dane

Age: 2

Sex: Female

Size: Giant

Color: Merle

House Trained: Yes

Health: Vaccinated

Miss Juliet is with me at the office today. She is the most recent female #GreatDane to come into rescue, she came in with Romeo whom we posted yesterday. I have learned some things about Miss Juliet over the last 24 hours. First - she is extremely bright and needs to have her mind challenged on a regular basis. She loves the Kong toy because it challenges her mind. She will learn things quickly. EVERYTHING goes in the mouth so no blankets, bedding, stuffed toys if she is to be crated. Hard chew bones that she has to work at are a favorite. If you can watch her, she's fine on bedding, it's when she gets bored that she gets into trouble. She rides beautifully in the car, but I wouldn't leave her in it alone, again the boredom thing. She walks reasonably well on leash and get along beautifully with the other dogs in foster at this time. She has not been cat tested. She is super friendly with my customers and staff and shows no fear or aggression in any way toward humans for other dogs. This super sweet and beautiful girl needs a wonderful home in order to grow and blossom into the best girl she can be. She is energetic so an active household with possibly another friendly playful dog would be ideal.

Juliet was discarded on the street by a disreputable backyard breeder along with another dog when they were finished with them. They were picked up by a local animal shelter and taken into custody for their stray hold. Once available, they contacted us and asked if we would bring them into our rescue. We believe she is about 2 years old and has already had 1 probably two litters of puppies.

Hi Future Parent!

I'm not sure what they want me to say. I'm still a little confused about what is going on in my life, but for once I feel safe and secure. I went from living in a crate and making babies to being left on the street. Some people came by with a truck and picked Romeo and myself up off the street to another place called a shelter, it was very noisy and had lots and lots of other dogs and some cats. They were nice to us and gave us food and a safe place to sleep. Not too long after that a couple of ladies came to meet us and said we would be ok. It took a couple of days but another nice lady came and picked us both up and took us to her house. She says our lives will be better from here on out. She has taken me to a place she calls her office and I really like it! There are other people there that pet me, give me treats and talk nice to me. If this is what having a home is like - I want one! Would you like to be my forever parent?  


Love, Juliet - adopted
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