Lagertha (Lagatha) - adopted
Other - Female

Type: Other

Age: 18 months

Sex: Female

Size: Large

Color: Black

House Trained: Yes

Health: Vaccinated

We'd like you to meet Lagertha (pronounced Lagatha). She is a 1.5 year old Tibetian Mastiff. She is a sweet girl albeit confused at the moment. She was very much loved by her previous family, but their situation changed and they felt that it was best for all concerned if Lagertha came into a responsible rescue to find her perfect forever home. She was never crate trained and does not do well in a crate, she has been in a 54" crate while in rescue with mixed results. She gets along with most everyone in the rescue pack as long as food and toys are not introduced. She was raised as only dog and never learned to share food, toys and treats, we are working on this. She lived in a family with a newborn and did well. She likes having room to run and play. She is timid and shy at first, maybe cautious is a good term to describe her. She has not been cat tested. She does fine in a multi-dog household when fed separately. Tibetian Mastiffs require a strong owner with the understanding that CONSTANT socialization and training are required with these dogs. She is not a starter dog. She also requires daily brushing and an occasional trip to the groomer might be in order.

She was purchased from a puppy store as a purebred Tibetian Mastiff, her pedigree shows (2) champions and (2) Grand Champions in her lineage (papers are not provided by the rescue). Her previous family recently had a baby and found that caring for the newborn and an 18 month old puppy was more that they felt they could manage. She has been spayed, is up to date on vaccines, microchipped, housebroken and ready for her forever home.

Hi Future Parent!

Well hello, my name is Lagertha and they tell me I need to tell you about myself. I seem to be very different from the other dogs at my foster home. They seem to be able to relate very well to one and other and just naturally know what to do when outside with other dogs. This doesn't seem to come naturally to me, I'm used to being the only dog and not having to share anything, but at least I'm learning to play and interact with the others. There are a couple of other girls about my age that are just free and fun loving. My nature is more cautious and I tend to just want to find an area that I can stay in and watch the property. Being away from my family has been hard on me, I don't understand why I'm here or when I get to leave, but it seems like I'm not going back to my family. The lady that cares for us keeps trying to encourage me to play, to eat more, to be part of the group, but I just want to have my own home and be loved and spoiled like before. I really have little interest in being here and am frustrated and sad. I know some commands and will do them when she takes to someplace called work, because there are men there that I like and only one other dog, he's old and pretty much sleeps most of the time.  


Love, Lagertha (Lagatha) - adopted
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