Morita - adopted
Great Dane - Female

Type: Great Dane

Age: 10

Sex: Female

Size: Giant

Color: Various

House Trained: Yes

Health: Vaccinated

Please welcome Morita into rescue, she is a 10 year old female Great Dane. Preliminary reports are that she is dog friendly, gets along with the kittens in the residence and may be a bit spoiled by her previous owner. She is looking for a wonderful home in which to live out her golden years. Her needs are fairly simple a soft bed, humans to love, any size yard to do sniffari's in and lots of time to nap.

We got a message a couple of weeks ago from a woman dying of cancer, asking us to take her beloved dog into rescue, prior to her being placed in hospice care. Arrangements were made to accommodate the request and then she messaged that she had found a home for her. We were overjoyed for the dog and the owner and thought that would be the end of it. Fast forward a couple of weeks and we get another message from the original owner, now in hospice care, that the home she found was not working out and could we take her in. Of course, was the answer. Arrangements were made and within a couple of hours one of our wonderful fosters had made contact and secured the dog in her home

Hi Future Parent!

Hello there wonderful humans! My name is Morita. I found my way into rescue because my prior human is terminally ill, she can no longer care for me. Although I am enjoying my foster home, I would love to have a family again. I fully embrace my “Lil’ Old Lady” lifestyle at 10 years old. My only speed is mosey. I enjoy slow games of fetch, gentle tug of war, and do zoomies faster than a snail. I hope you have lots of plushies for me to carry around. I usually carry one in my mouth when walking about. I do enjoy my daily walk through the neighborhood. I am careful not to go too fast so my human can keep up. I am buddies with the cats and Great Dane at my current place. I really enjoy full spooning snuggles and laying my head on humans for pets and ear scratches. Sometimes I get a bit confused and will bark a bit when I think I have been left alone. If I can’t find a human to keep company, I settle down and go nap in the nearest dog bed. I have the impeccable manners of a true lady. I will voluntarily sleep in a crate as long as there is a nice plush bed, but I do not need to be confined when left alone. Lots of noise and commotion agitates and confuses me. A calm, quiet home would be more to my liking. 🐾💝🏡XOXO, 


Love, Morita - adopted
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