Great Dane - Female
Adopt Me 

Type: Great Dane

Age: 8.5 yrs

Sex: Female

Size: Giant

Color: Grey

House Trained: Yes

Health: Vaccinated

We have a Forgotten Frosty Face that needs your help. Nadia is an 8.5 year old Great Dane whose family went to a nursing facility and she found herself homeless. Nadia came into rescue a few months ago and has been with one of our wonderful foster families and try as they might, she just needs a different situation. She is sweet and wonderful with her people, but she was raised as an only dog and a multi-dog household is just too much for her. Nadia needs to be the only dog in the home. We are open to a permanent foster situation or a permanent home, whatever works out best for Nadia and her future family.

Hi Future Parent!

Hi there! My name is Nadia and I really need a forever home to live out the rest of my years in, My family was so good to me they spoiled me rotten and I grew up as only dog and lived most of my life that way. Then one day my humans were gone and I was alone in my home. Someone came and fed me and took me outside, but I was alone and afraid. One day another human came and took me from the only home I have ever known and brought me into their home. They have taken such good care of me, but there are other dogs here and I'm just not used to sharing anything and don't really know how or want to learn at this stage of my life. Do you have a soft couch that I can share and give you all the love I have for the rest of my life? 


Love, Nadia
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