Rangler - adopted
Other - Male

Type: Other

Age: 3

Sex: Male

Size: Giant

Color: White

House Trained: Yes

Health: Vaccinated

Please meet Rangler the Great Pyrenees that came into rescue recently. He is not a starter or family dog. He is protective of his person and property as is the nature of the breed, for this reason he should go to an experienced home only. He seems to be a one person dog and that person most likely should be female. I do not believe he was socialized as a pup and his previous owner was a single woman. The home he goes to should not have many visitors as he will probably need to be secured when visitors are at the home. He is not a farm dog, he has lived his life in the house and just wants to be near his person. Rangler is crate trained and will willingly enter, microchipped, neutered, up to date on vaccines. He gets along beautifully with both male and female dogs, his best friends in rescue are (1) neutered male Great Dane and (1) unneutered male Great Dane. He is a long haired dog that sheds and will require regular grooming and yes, for the Pyrenees aficionados in the group he does have the double dew claws on the back feet. He came in matted and with long nails and has allowed me to trim nails and gently work his coat with no issues at all. He stands quietly and allows gentle handling. He will make an experienced home a wonderful companion, protector and friend. It is our belief that he was never socialized and we are working on his confidence in crowded situation and when new people enter a room.

Rangler was surrendered by his original owner through no fault of his own. She was moving to care for an elderly parent and could not take the dog with her. She surrendered him to a local shelter at which time he completely shut down, would not eat and remained in the back of the kennel growling at anyone that came near. Our volunteer went to the shelter and he was removed from the kennel with a catch pole. She promptly removed the catch pole and Rangler allowed himself to be leashed and walked quietly to the car and got into the back seat without any persuasion. He has shown no aggression at all toward anyone since then. He is learning about people and is fine on leash but still needs work with people entering his home, property or the volunteers office. He will stand between her and the approaching human and bark in a protective stance. We are working on teaching him that he does not need to be on guard at all times.

Hi Future Parent!

Well howdy everyone! My name is Rangler and they tell me I need to find a new person to love and protect. I miss my mom and didn't understand how I ended up in the scary and noisy place mom left me at, I kept looking but she never came back. I've never really been around a lot of people so I was afraid and tried to make myself as small as possible in the back of the kennel so they would just leave me alone till mom came back. Mom didn't come back. I wasn't hungry or thirsty, just afraid. One day a lady came and asked them to take me out of the kennel, I didn't know her but she looked kind, but I still growled because I was afraid, it didn't seem to bother her at all. She put a leash on me, she seemed kind and spoke quietly to me, so I decided to walk with her, maybe she would take me out of that scary place. I was right we walked outside into the sunshine and she asked me if I wanted to go with her - I jumped in the car. It was a long ride, but the car was cool and quiet, I slept most of the way to my foster home. This place is nice, there are other dogs here that are fun to play with and a big yard to run, play and sniff in. The lady here takes me outside and trims my long nails and brushes my coat everyday, I'm beginning to feel better. I love to lay on the wooden platform and just watch the property, it seems to come naturally to me. My foster mom has taken me to some place she calls work, I feel like I need to protect her from all the people that come and go, but she says it's ok and pets me until I calm down. She says we need to work on my people skills, but that it's ok and we will get there. I'd really like my own person to love, this place is nice but it's not home. The lady says we are looking for just the right home for me - Is it you? 


Love, Rangler - adopted
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