Romeo - adopted
Mastiff - Male

Type: Mastiff

Age: 5 years

Sex: Male

Size: Giant

Color: Fawn

House Trained: Yes

Health: Vaccinated

So I can now say my life is complete! We brought two dogs into rescue on New Years Day and named them Romeo and Juliet. They are two more discarded backyard breeding dogs found stray on the street. We were asked to help by the local shelter that picked them up and took them to safety, after meeting them, there was no way we could say no. For the purpose of this post we will deal exclusively with Romeo. It is obvious that these two have never had a large yard to run, sniff and play in so they tend to venture to the far reaches of the yard. My life is complete because I can now stand on my deck and say, "Romeo, Romeo where fore art thou?" and look like less of an idiot than usual. This boy is soooooooooo incredible, he will make someone a wonderful pet, companion and general all around mushy face love. He is a gentleman, even now and will take correction from the girls in stride. He is with me in my office and is a perfect gentleman with staff and customers. He is underweight at 128# and believed to be an approximately 5 year old #Boerboel #Mastiff. UPDATE: Romeo has been neutered, had his abdominal mass removed and the small mass on his eye has also been removed. His blood condition has been treated and he will go back for suture removal and final bloodwork to test his blood count and kidney values.

Believed to be a dog used by a disreputable backyard breeder and then discarded on the street when they were done with him. He is extremely friendly and loving. He is very, very hand shy which generally means they have been abused to some extent. Even after all of that he seems to love all humans and is a perfect gentleman in all situations he has been put in.

Hi Future Parent!

I'm not sure what they want me to say. I'm still a little confused about what is going on in my life, but for once I feel safe and secure. I went from living in a crate and making babies to being left on the street. Some people came by with a truck and picked Juliet and myself off the street to another place called a shelter, it was very noisy and had lots and lots of other dogs and some cats. They were nice to us and gave us food and a safe place to sleep. Not too long after that a couple of ladies came to meet us and said we would be ok. It took a couple of days but another nice lady came and picked us both up and took us to her house. She says our lives will be better from here on out. She has taken me to a place she calls her office and I really like it! There are other people there that pet me, give me treats and talk nice to me. I also get to lay at this lady feet and feel safe. She lets me snore and gives me pets and treats. If this is what having a home is like - I want one! Would you like to be my forever parent? 


Love, Romeo - adopted
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