Mastiff - Male

Type: Mastiff

Age: 3

Sex: Male

Size: Giant

Color: Various

House Trained: Yes

Health: Vaccinated

If you pass by this dog because of his supposed disabilities - you are missing out. Sampson is a sweet, loving and happy dog that only wants to make people happy and be with his human. He is super happy, playful and loving. He is great with all humans and appears to love children. Our board members staff begs her to bring him to work, he is so happy, so inspirational that it is impossible to be unhappy or depressed around him, they call him Mr. Happy. He will cover you with kisses and lay at your feet for hours on end. He gets up and down the stairs and in and out of the car on his own without assistance. He loves car rides and going wherever you go. Sampson is hind leg challenged as his rear tendons did not develop in womb so therefore his hind legs do not bend. Although technically disabled, Sampson is in NO pain and doesn't know he's disabled. He is crate trained, housebroken, fully vetted, neutered and ready for adoption. He does well one on one with other dogs, more than that scares him. He has a moderate prey drive - so no cats.

Sampson is another in a ever increasing list of dogs that are being surrendered as a result of the housing / rental crisis. He was VERY much loved by his former owner - she worked tirelessly to get him into rescue where he would be safe and cared for. Her landlord decided they no longer wanted dogs in any of their rental units and she was unable to find a living situation in her price range that would allow Sampson to remain with her. The love, care, socialization and overall condition of Sampson speak to a loving owner. He is well adjusted and an extremely happy boy.

Hi Future Parent!

Hello everyone my name is Sampson! My mom had to give me up because that mean ole man that owned the property said I was not welcome any longer. It made my mom cry, I tried to lick away her tears and make it alright, but she was still very sad. She brought me to the lady that is my foster mom, she gives me yummy food, lets me ride in the car with her and she takes me to a place called work pretty often. I really like going to the work, there are lots of people there that I can give kisses to and get my neck scratched (I can't scratch it myself). I especially like when the little humans come in, although my foster mom doesn't let them touch me. I keep hearing that I'm "physically challenged" I'm not sure what that means, but I do walk and run a little differently than the other dogs at our house. I like my den when we are at the house, there are some big dogs there and I am a little afraid of them. My foster mom makes sure I get lots of yard time with a couple of the girls and the others stay inside. I am a really good boy, I won't be any trouble. I'll sit at your feet while you work or rest, go in the car with you when you can take me and make you smile when you are sad. I miss my mom, but I'm ready to love another human just as much.  


Love, Sampson
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