Jack – Great Dane

Please meet Jack, he is three years old, with the energy and playfulness of a puppy. His mom is fighting a health battle, she has diminished energy and strength and reluctantly placed Jack in our care to find him a great home.

Zeus & Luna

Wonderful pair of Forgotten Frosty Faces that are bonded and must go to a home together. Sweet, loving, great with children and other dogs.


Today we have another stunning Great Dane to present to you. Odin is a three year old, 160 pound, Merle Dane that loves people and is good with children and other dogs. He is currently being fostered with long time Great Dane owners and is getting along with the two resident dogs.


Please welcome our newest Forgotten Frosty Face – Brie. She has a special connection to the rescue, she is the mother of a dog that one of our board member owns. So when her dad became terminally ill, he asked us to make certain she was cared for, we promised we would. A promise is a promise – right?

Asher – Labradane young

Asher (his new name) is a 1-2ish year old Labrador/Great Dane mix, better known as a Labradane. He is very sweet and inquisitive. He has lots of energy and seemingly the attention span of a gnat (thus the 1-2 year old guess). He was easily loaded in the car, but once in, everything had to be investigated with his mouth.

Harper Blue

Harper Blue - what a sweet girl! She comes out and meets you kisses and body wags! Miss Harper is a four year old blue Neapolitan Mastiff, weighing in at 125 lbs...


Maggie is a survivor of the dog fighting industry, used as a bait dog and discarded, she has been through the shelter, adopted and now in rescue when her owner could no longer care for her.


Zalton is a 6 year old neutered male Great Dane. He is very typical of most Great Danes in that he is sweet and loving, but also pushy and stubborn at times.

Eragon – Great Dane

Eragon has made his way back into rescue, his adopter felt like he just wasn’t responding to her - another words they were having trouble bonding. He is in a wonderful foster home, only dog, peaceful, quiet and with someone with infinite patience and love to give. That is exactly the kind of home we are looking for, he is very gentle, sweet and loving once he trusts you. I’m also told he can be quite goofy and get the zoomies on a regular basis.

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